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Let the snug-fest begin!

Winter is here Capetonians! And I am simply beaming…woke up the other morning and when I saw the beautiful grey skies and felt the chilling air against my skin, I smiled and, like a Lindt chocolate truffle melts into a steaming hot cup of coco, I melted into the duvet and snuggled up.

Some people get profoundly and categorically depressed when winter hits – not me. It’s time for shopping – berets and scarves, boots, boots and boots. It’s time for cosy coffee shop mornings and my mom’s hearty stews. It’s time for our pretty, cosy, wintery wonderfulness! Oh, and listen – whether wool or Sherpa, whether faux fur or cotton rich – bring on the blanket.  Suitable for a snug-fest or adorning a velvet Chesterfield couch at events – I specifically love this Saloni blanket from Country Road. Comfort-curl-up level 9 – tested in store. :)