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Heirlooms & Chairlooms

I l-o-v-e:LOVE pieces that have an interesting story to it and I enjoy searching for unique, handmade and sometimes “old-soul” items. It is this joy I find in the unusual that yields articles or furnishings that appeal to me.


This dainty wooden chair stood unpretentiously in my grandmother’s Namibian farmhouse for a few decades. When my gran moved to their beach house and passed the chair on to me, I felt inspired to give it an edgy twist, yet preserve its authenticity. Many would give it a layer or two of paint, but my family would die and haunt me forever if I were ever to paint over such valuable wood (and I agree).


So I went on a textile hunt, and two hours later, my significant other could not believe that I emerged with merely 1m of fabric. Thought the oddness of a red fabric with old school houndy images would do the trick and the chair now spends its days fancifully in our living room – always willing to tell its story to all who are eager to hear.